Clear Options has developed and patented a unique water filtration system.

Clear Options set out to create an aesthetically pleasing and modern design for a mobile water filtration system for use in reservoirs, permanent and temporary pools. It had to look elegant, attractive and be easy to use. The important criteria were light weight, ease of fabrication and transportation over rough terrain.

Exploring water filtration scenarios.

Explore portable water filtration stations introduced around the world.

Exploring home filters. People are selective about home products, so home appliances are more aesthetically pleasing.

We are exploring other mobile large equipment.

Determine the visual features of the design and form a moodboard of the future design.

Minimalism - Elegance - Color

Drawing design sketches.

We develop several design concepts and discuss ideas with the client.




Develop new concepts based on comments and new client input.




The client chose a concept called Strict. We finalize the design and develop the final presentation.

Minimalistic and modern appearance. Spectacular and concise designs.

Production by thermoforming plastic sheets.

The two side doors are made of semi-matte thermoformed and cut sheet, which are partially painted in gloss blue.

The bottom panel is perforated for emergency water drainage. The perforation pattern follows the cross-section of the metal profile leg.
The hoses are recessed to protect them from damage. There are explanatory inscriptions above them.

The upper door is made of white semi-matte molded sheet, which is partially painted in glossy blue.

Interface and handles:

The top panel is made of a 2 centimeter metal sheet cut to the shape of the door cross-section. It completely covers the internal components and contributes to the efficient arrangement of the structural elements.

Maximum possible access to internal components.

A metal profile with an ergonomic oval cross-section is used for the foot and handle.
The side doors are made from a single panel that is cut to the shape of a wheel from below.



Industrial design - Rodion Usaev,
Visualizations - Rodion Usaev & Arina Arkharova