Rodion Usaev is an industrial designer with extensive experience in technology products.

In more than 10 years of professional activity in Italy and Russia, he has worked in many fields, won several awards and worked his way up from junior to leading designer.

A global manufacturer of home appliances, one of Italy's leading design studios and several innovative start-ups are some of the places where he has gained unique experience working on various technological projects from concept to market launch.

In private practice since 2020, he has helped companies produce successful mass-produced products that are designed down to the smallest detail and balance function, technology, aesthetics, and convenience.

On his own or in collaboration with selected design industry professionals, he designs products for ambitious startups and companies around the world, as well as curates and educates.

We are always excited to make new acquaintances and take on new challenges.

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Professional path


- 2024 - Curator of industrial design projects Smart Company.
- 2023 - Curator of industrial design projects ArtLebedev.
- 2023 - Curator of Intensives "Industrial Design. Fundamentals in practice" at BHSAD.
- 2022 - Co-curator and teacher of the VET course "Industrial design" at BHSAD.
- 2020 - Ambassador of Istituto Europeo di Design in Russia.
- 2020 - Founder and chief designer of Usaev Design.



- 2023 - Mentor of the diploma project of the course "Industrial Design" at BHSAD. Client - Geoscan.
- 2023 - Lecturer in the Design Theory discipline at BHSAD.
- 2022 - Mentor of the diploma project of the course "Industrial Design" at BHSAD. Client - Sber Devices.
- 2021 - Lead Industrial Designer at High-Tech Engineering (Moscow).
- 2020-2023 - Senior Industrial Designer at DV8 ID (Milan, remotely).
- 2020 - Completion of studies at UGNTU. Bachelor's degree.

- 2020 - Moving to Russia.

- 2019 - Industrial Designer at. Studio Volpi.
- 2018 - Project coordinator at EniProgetti (from Altran).
- 2017-2018 - Industrial Designer at Whirlpool EMEA (from Altran).
- 2017-2018 - Consultant in CapGemini Enginering (ex. Altran).
- 2014-2016 - Industrial Designer at Studio&Partners.
- 2014 - Graduation from Istituto Europeo di Design.
- 2014 - Collaboration with IdeaFactoryStore.
- 2011 - Enrollment in Istituto Europeo di Design (Milan) specializing in Product Design.

- 2011 - Moving to Italy.

- 2011 - Took a sabbatical leave.
- 2008 - Enrollment in UGNTU for the specialty "Environmental Design" (Ufa).


- Moderator of the panel "The Way of the Young Designer.  Industrial Design Day at BVSD.
- Leading a sketching workshop. Industrial Design Day at BVSD.
- Jury member. Competition Design Drive 2024. Moscow.
- Speaker. Carfid Lab session on RosMould & 3D-Tech. Moscow.
- Speaker. Lecture "Virtual reality in industrial design". Online.
- Expert. Creative Industries Survey from the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

- Speaker. Russian Creative Week Siberia. Krasnoyarsk.
- Jury and faculty. Archipelago 2023Moscow and Novosibirsk.
- Speaker and hackathon mentor. Siberian Industrial Design DaysTomsk.
- Master class presenter, speaker and moderator. BHSAD Industrial Design DayMoscow.
- Speaker. Lecture "The Radical Design Movement in Italy", Moscow Film School.
- Speaker. Online Lecture "IED Virtual Meeting“.
- Speaker. Lecture "IED in Moscow", Moscow.

- Jury. Design Challenge 2050Moscow.
- Speaker. Russian Industrial Design DayMoscow.
- Speaker. Lecture "Careers in industrial design", BHSAD.
- Moderator. "How to create cool products and build a career", BHSAD.
- Publication in Komsomolskaya Pravda.
- Video Podcast. "Дand a designer with a microphone".
- Video Interview. "Britanka Small Talk" on Industrial Design.

- Online lecturer. "A career as an industrial designer in Europe", BHSAD.
- Interview. "Questions and Answers: Rodion Usaev",

- Second place. My Design Accessories contest.
- Victory. Innovation Starts with a Green Dot hackathon. Deloitte, Milan
- Shortlisted.  Add Awards. "Ambience Kitchen"

- Mentor. Inside the Designers Mind workshop. Design Innovation, Milan

- Mentor. Inside the Designers Mind workshop. Design Innovation, Milan
- Speaker. "106 Elevator Pitch. Domus Academy and Audi

- Interview. "Design Mecca", "Stolnik" magazine

- The exhibition "Fai la cosa Giusta". Exhibitor. Milan
- Competition "CIAO & IED accendono la creatività". Second place. Milan
- Mission Gifts contest. Winning.

- Participant. Master class on design. Coolhunting & Heineken. Milan
- Exhibitor. Exhibition Womade #6Milan.

- Speaker. TV program "Good mood. Repair". BST, Ufa