Industrial design

Full-scale work on the appearance and ergonomics of a product, from design conceptualization to author supervision and support during engineering or production.

An industrial design project goes through several sequential stages that allow a smooth transformation of an idea into a realized product:

  1. Identify basic design criteria and design concept;
  2. Translate the concept into a developed design;
  3. Test the design with a prototype;
  4. Work the design down to the smallest detail;
  5. Ensure design quality is maintained during engineering and manufacturing.

We get acquainted, agree on the terms of cooperation and sign a contract.

Once we receive your application, we will quickly contact you and discuss your task, deadlines and budget. Then we will send you a project proposal and sign a contract. As soon as the documents are agreed and signed, we will start working on the project and the first stage "Research".

  • Obtaining a task description
  • Preparation of a project proposal
  • Agreement and signing of the contract

We create a detailed design brief and conduct research that helps us dive into the project's subject matter, determine the criteria for a successful outcome of the work and possible design directions.

A design or specification is a clear and detailed description of a future product with its goals, requirements and constraints. It is indispensable for the project, as it helps us to discuss all the details, understand each other and move towards the desired result in the most efficient way.

  • Formation of the project assignment
  • Research and analytics
    • Market trends and competitors
    • Technologies and materials
    • Target audience
    • Context of use
    • and other services

At this stage, we agree on the overall concept and look of the product.

Based on the design brief and research, we will provide you with 2 to 5 different product concepts in the form of detailed sketches or visualizations of conceptual 3D models.

Concepts help us get early feedback from your team, set direction and key design features.

  • Concept generation
    • Moodboards
    • Sketch illustrations
    • Sketch 3d models
    • Sketch 3d visualizations
    • Pre-production capacity
  • Presentation of concepts

At this stage, we refine and detail the selected design concept based on the client's feedback and wishes.

We analyze and test the design using rough mockups, virtual and augmented reality tools.

We create advanced visualizations and develop design presentations for the client and contractors.

  • Detailed 3D modeling
  • Detailed 3D visualization
  • Development and placement of graphics
  • AR and VR design testing
  • Layout and 3D printing of the design
  • Pre-selection of colors, materials and finishes (CMF)
  • Exchange of information and files with the customer and contractors
  • Presentation of the developed design

Production of a full-size mock-up or prototype of the product in the design developed in the previous stage is performed to test it and make sure it looks good and works well. The production of the prototype is done by the customer with the help of a specialized mock-up shop or in-house resources. We provide all the necessary support, we can take care of communication with the makers.

This stage may be repeated several times in a cycle with Detailed or Conceptual Design, or it may run through the entire project in an end-to-end fashion because each new layout may reveal new opportunities for improvement.

  • Exchange of information and files with the customer and contractors
  • Preparation of files and documents for the production of layouts
  • Author's supervision of layout production
  • Analysis of aesthetics and ergonomics of layouts

In this final stage, we make corrections and improvements discovered by analyzing the layout in the previous stage. We refine the design, materials, finishes and colors. Once everyone is happy with the result, we create a final design presentation and share the final design 3d models to be used by your technical team and engineers for further work.

  • Finalization of the design project
  • Identifying colors, textures, and graphics
  • Final design presentation
  • Transfer of final project files

We provide support during the design development and industrialization of the product by your technical team or contractors.

We do not provide engineering drawings or models for production, but we can monitor the results of the engineers and the manufacturing plant to ensure that the product is as close to the approved design as possible.

We can also provide support with interface, graphic and packaging design, photorealistic visualization, animation for marketing purposes, etc.

  • Photorealistic renders and animations for marketing purposes
  • Author's supervision of engineering and industrialization
  • Graphic, UX/UI design
  • Other Services.

Conceptual design

Creating a realistic product design concept through 3D modeling and visualization, without diving into technical details and exact dimensions

No matter how good your future product idea is, impressing your potential customer, partner or investor can be difficult, especially if all you have are complicated explanations, outlines or technical diagrams.

It is better to see how the future product will look and work than to look at sketches and deal with long explanations. Complicated and unattractive communication can put an end to the future of a project.

Getting positive results is much easier with attractive, visual and easy to understand materials.

The Concept Design service is ideal for just such cases. We will study your idea, develop its three-dimensional design concept without diving into technical details and prepare a spectacular presentation of your product concept.

Whether you need drawings, illustrations, 3d models, visualizations, animations, presentations or other visual materials to seek funding, patenting and further development of your project, we can help you.

Sketch design

Development of a sketch design concept through detailed sketches. Allows you to take the first step in product design, choose the best direction and make early changes.

Perhaps you have an idea for a product and would like to take the first step in getting it into concrete form as soon as possible...

Or maybe you'd like to see a variety and very creative options for decorating your idea....

Or do you have a great 3D modeler or engineer on your team who can turn a sketch into 3D, but you need an expert to come up with a variety of creative and eye-catching design concepts through illustration?

Then the Sketch Design service may be right for you. We will study your product idea and prepare as many different design concepts as you need in the form of 2D sketches and illustrations.

You can then convert your favorite sketches into 3D models on your own or expand our collaboration to conceptual or industrial design.