The inflatable E-sup board with detachable electric motor combines the advantages of a classic board with the convenience of an electric motor.

A special feature of the E-sup is the removable electric motor, which allows for significantly increased travel speed and distance.


The aim of the project was to create a SUP board with a motor and speed control panel on the paddle. In this project it was important to ensure the comfort of operation of the board both with and without a motor.

CMF development also played an important role in the design of the SUP board. Based on the references provided by the customer and the previously developed e-boat catamarans, the design vector for a colorful SUP board that stands out from the competition was set.


SUP is an inflatable board for recreation on the water. Such boards are often used for tourist trips along water routes.

SUP boarding is a fun and exciting activity that is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. SUP boards allow you to explore new places and enjoy the beauty of nature.

There are several types of SUP boards. Touring - for walking on the water, surfing - for riding the waves, racing - for speed and endurance competitions and universal - for different recreational conditions.

We chose a versatile shape that is very stable and suitable for smooth water movement and for riding small waves.

Reviewed information about the features and details of SUP boards. One of the key features is the ability to inflate for easy transportation and storage.

Stabilization features are important to ensure stability on the water. Some models may include additional features such as load securing systems or folding seats.

A visit to a SUP board store gave insight into the details and materials used.


An electric SUP board consists of two main components: the motor and the inflatable board.

It is important that the board looks attractive and remains functional whether or not the motor is connected to it.

Two concepts have been developed that differ in the way the engine is attached to the SUP board.

The first option involves installing the motor in a hole that can be covered with a transparent insert or inflatable cushion if there is no need to use the motor.

The second option includes installing the engine as a tail component. The customer chose this option for further development.

We developed color options based on SUP board design trends and customer requests.

The client was attracted by the three directions of CMF: wooden texture; a minimalistic but bright solution and monochrome. For this reason, we proposed a universal board design, which can be made in different color schemes.

Design development

Refine the dimensions of the SUP board and the distribution of all parts and elements.

Engine design development. The top surface of the motor was covered with a soft pad like on the E-sup to make it more comfortable for the user to stand on. The motor charge level indication was placed on the body.

The customer suggested using an ODM motor and enclosing the rotor inside the housing. We develop a design solution and add a compartment on top of the housing to store small important things.

Controller design

Conceptualize the design of an engine control panel that can be attached to most oars.

CMF and graphics development

E-sup is the second project developed for Togoboat. Previously we have already cooperated and developed the E-boat project.

We develop color, material and finish options that combine style and uniqueness, while blending with a previously designed catamaran.

E-sup is divided into modules for which several color combinations have been selected. Thanks to the modular system, it is not necessary to change the shape of the soft overlays on the board to add a new color scheme.

The project is currently in the prototyping phase. It will soon move to crowdfunding.

Follow updates on the websites Togoboat и USAEVDESIGN.

Customer Review

"In 2022, we collaborated with Rodion Usaev on a project to develop the conceptual design and ergonomics of an innovative electric SUP board. As before, Rodion helped us achieve the perfect result by defining not only the overall shape and color, but also the details, materials and finishes of the board, paddle and motor. We are pleased with both the quality of the results and the speed and flexibility with which the process was built."

- Victor Storozhenko, CEO of Togoboat