Togoboat is a rentable inflatable catamaran delivered to your door and a community-created map of all the places you can launch your boat for a romantic picnic, fishing, swimming off the boat, socializing with friends... The possibilities are endless.

It is perfect for a leisurely stroll around the lake. You can take a picnic on the water and swim with friends. Suitable for any event with up to 4 people on clear water.

The quality and ergonomics of the product come first. The convenient valve arrangement and high-performance electric pump make it easy to set up on the water in just 15 minutes.

Stable and spacious 11-foot catamaran accommodates 2 adults, 2 children and a dog. The open bow is designed for easy exit from the water.

Togoboat's founders initially approached CMF to design and develop a logo for a pair of inflatable catamarans, but it soon became clear that the goal was more ambitious.

They wanted to create the best catamarans for a simple and enjoyable vacation.

The project quickly evolved into a full-fledged design effort, defining the position of every tiny detail and taking ergonomics and usability to the next level. We even designed a duffel bag and dry bag for easy transportation of powerboats and accessories.


Research in inflatable marine products, studying submarines, boats, catamarans and other products.

Examine components and parts to become familiar with terminology, understand part functionality, and identify user needs and problems.

Searching for the best products on the market, exploring typical shortcomings, ways to improve and ideas for functional and visual differentiation of inflatable catamarans

Ergonomics and UX development

Work simultaneously on the large and small versions of the catamaran. Determining the dimensions and location of each part.
At this stage, the work is completely divorced from colors, materials and finishes.
We emphasize functionality, comfort and logic.

Analyze ergonomics and usage scenarios. Propose new solutions that increase comfort and open up new possibilities. 

Brand and CMF design

Once the product and its details are fundamentally defined, we move on to defining branded graphics, product colors, materials and finishes.

Togoboat is based in California, so the inspiration for the graphics and mood came from the iconic California sunset.

The original logo was created Martha Ambrosetti, a talented graphic designer. His colors are associated with bright feelings and are perfect for weekends and vacations.

We develop several CMF design proposals based on the shape and colors of the logo.

We are going through an iterative process of designing and refining the CMF until the colors, materials and finishes are fully defined for both versions of the E-boat.

Samples. Production and testing

We create a technical design presentation for clear communication with the factory. The Togoboat team orders the first samples and production begins.

After receiving the samples, the Togoboat team tests them and generates feedback. We finalize the position, length of the oars and other ergonomic details.

Design refinement

For legal reasons, the Calimaran team is changing the name to Togoboat and designing a new logo.
We replace the logo on E-boats, finalize the remaining details, and update the design presentation for production.

Manufacturing. E-boats on sale and in use.

The Togoboat team begins mass production and delivery of catamarans to their satisfied customers.