Rex is the first Russian robotic dog whose body is made entirely of composite materials.

A pre-production working prototype of the robot dog had to be designed and manufactured in 8 weeks based on the available hardware base. The design had to be flawless and the prototype had to withstand possible falls of the robot dog during maneuvers.

Explore existing products and concepts online to gain a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities, applications, designs, trends and latest developments in the field.

Exploring analogs of robo-dogs in the field.

We develop a mood board to define the visual characteristics of the robot.

Smooth surfaces - Transport aesthetics - Solid shape

Due to tight deadlines, after a few sketches and determining the general direction of the design, we move on to cad design.

Decide to design for production with composites due to ambitious project goals and timelines.

We use VR to discuss the design with engineers and get customer approval.

Specify design details such as battery hole, LED lights,
Intel Real Sense camera placement, leg mobility, etc.

Determine the dog's name and develop graphics.

Test the design in VR for final design approval and prototype material, color and finish selection.

We visit a composite manufacturing facility and select carbon and alutex to make a prototype.

Together with the engineering team we develop the structural frame, metal and plastic motor mounts,
LEDs and cameras.

Composite, metal and plastic components are being manufactured.
A circuit programmer designs electronics.

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, the startup ceased operations before the project was fully completed,

But you can see his numerical result below.

CMF, inspired by the CEO's Ford Mustang automobile.

Under the art direction of Rodion Usaev, Simon Chukov Developed CG animated short film and visualizations.

Industrial design, visualization & art-direction   Rodion Usaev            Graphic design   Natalia Lomakina
Engineering   Vladimir Novoselov & Evgeniy Grebenkin            CG & Animation   Simon Chukov