HTE set an ambitious goal: to design a karaoke microphone that mesmerizes with its aesthetics and built-in technical innovations. Featuring a 360-degree contra-perature speaker and capable of singing continuously for hours, Spoymic sought to set new standards in the industry.

As a companion to a cloud-based online karaoke music playback application, Spoymic was faced with the challenge of not only meeting outstanding aesthetic criteria, but also arousing curiosity with a design that deviates from commonplace and traditional microphone styles. It had to show what a premium karaoke microphone worthy of true music lovers was all about.


Develop multiple design concepts to determine the right direction.

Printing and testing mockups. We choose a concept that is less like a microphone.

Defining the mood and image of a product with the help of a moodboard.

Working out the details of the design

Designing the bottom of the microphone and docking station.

Cover the fabric insert with perforated patterned metal to protect it from rapid wear and contamination.

We develop several perforation options with the possibility of customization by the user.
The bottom piece can be replaced with another one with a personalized logo or pattern.

We produce mockups, test textures and surface patterns.

We finalize 3D models based on the analysis of layouts and client's wishes.

Preparing color charts.

We produce a scale-size aesthetic layout