On November 23 and 24, Rodion Usaev took part in the Russian Creative Week held in picturesque Krasnoyarsk. Over the course of two days, Rodion acted as a speaker at three exciting sessions.

In the first session "Successful Projects in Design. Reasons for Success" Rodion shared his opinion on the factors behind successful design projects in terms of working with clients in Russia and abroad.

Technology in the designer's project work became the central topic of the second session, where he shared recommendations regarding the use of virtual reality in projects and competent choice of software in the current realities.

The closing session "Industrial Design. Existing Problems" immersed the audience in the world of challenges in the field of industrial design in Russia.

Russian Creative Week is an event that provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge with participants and spectators, as well as to strengthen ties with leading professionals of Russia's creative industries. This event has become not only a fruitful platform for the exchange of ideas, but also an important step in the development of Russian industrial design.

Many thanks Siberian Design Center for conducting and organizing the above and many other performances that took place in the Creative Space Industry during the two days of RKN Siberia.