E-sup is another design project for the startup Togoboat, the launch of which will very soon open up the possibility for sap-board lovers to make sailing with it comfortable, fast and fun!

The E-sup is an inflatable board with a built-in silent electric motor that makes it easy to move through the water without too much effort.

The design of the E-sup required careful study of the shapes and construction details of various types of sup boards
As a result, a versatile sup board shape was selected and developed that is suitable for both smooth water travel and high speed riding.

The engine itself has several interesting and useful features.

The motor can easily be disconnected from the saap board and left to charge on shore.
This allows you to safely continue your vacation on the water while your device recovers power for the next use.
The motor can also be used as a charger or a handy case to store small but important items.

The paddle is fitted with a motor operation controller that allows you to adjust the speed of movement, increasing or decreasing it, up to a complete stop.

However, you will need your own strength for further movement.

An equally important phase of the project was the development of the look and feel of the graphics.

From color choices to logo placement, lines, graphics and functional details, a striking and impressive look was created. A look that fits in with the Togoboat aesthetic and is at the same time unique.

The project is currently in the prototyping stage and will soon move to crowdfunding. All stages of development and other unique features of E-sup can be viewed on the site Togoboat.