Ambient Kitchen is a IED graduation project for an italian premium kitchen brand Schiffini.

The goal of the project was to shift attention from inside the house to outdoor environment and design highly usable, aestethic and modular outdoor kitchen that increases quality of contemporary lifestyle and follows brand values.

In team, we decided to focus on a kitchen that fulfills not only need to cook and eat, but also desires, such as having great time and socialise with friends & family.

The Company

Schiffini Cucine was founded in 1925. It is one of the 10 best Italian kitchen brands. 
They are distinguished by the quality, innovative solutions and refined elegance of their products. Their kitchens can mainly be considered high-class, so they are usually used in large rooms, large and functional, with increased attention to environmental friendliness, materials and design.​​​​​​​

Target & Place

Their kitchens are popular with people and families who value quality and design and can afford it.
For them, the summer kitchen will become a place that will allow  to turn the process of cooking and eating into something more, give relaxation and a pleasant pastime in the fresh air, surrounded by loved ones.​​​​​​​

The terrace kitchen does not have a single location. It can be used on the terrace of the house, on the rooftops, on large balconies, by the pool or in other places where there is enough space, fresh air and sun.

Outdoor Experience 

People mainly use indoor kitchens for cooking and satisfying their need for food first.
But outdoor kitchens are mainly used by people who want to enjoy food with others and have a great time. 
They are more related to desires than to needs.

At the same time, most outdoor kitchens are just cooking tools. They don’t take into account that people use them for special events and socializing, both while cooking and eating.

Concept Design

Ambience Kitchen has an elegant and minimal design. With high-quality and durable materials it is thought to last.
You can comfortably cook with it and it’s minimal design won’t distract from the beautiful view

The island’s format encourages joint cooking and social pastime, and the drawers, located around the perimeter open from all sides.
Thus, every person standing next to the kitchen can participate in the cooking process.

A shelf for dishes is attached to the kitchen and can be used to transfer dishes or dishes from home to the terrace and vice versa without any hastle

A retractable rotating table is integrated into the kitchen, thanks to which the kitchen becomes not only the center of cooking, but the epicenter of entertainment and eating.

Mobile coffee tables with a convenient storage system are integrated into the kitchen and can be easily removed from the front and back​​​​​​​​​.

If necessary, they can be removed from the kitchen and taken to the side so that people could place food and drinks on them and conveniently sit nearby without crowding around.

Also, the pull-out tables have a couple of interesting features – inside they have ottomans that can be taken out to sit next to tables with comfort, and, as a more daring option, you can purchase a special version of the table with a small fire-pit.

Integrated light can help to create a special atmosphere when it gets darker.

A compact and more affordable kitchen option will suit people who have limited outdoor space. While the larger version uses Corian Super Black on the kitchen top, the compact one uses Fixrete cement coating.

Ambience – ultimate outdoor kitchen experience