Full-fledged work on the appearance and ergonomics of the product, from the concept development till supervision and support during production.

Industrial design project starts from concept, continues during engineering and ends when the product hits the market. It goes through several stages that help to:

  1. Define the concept and main design characteristics
  2. Turn the concept into developed design
  3. Test and analyse the design through a prototype
  4. Refine the design up to the last detail
  5. Ensure design quality is maintained during engineering and production

At this stage we get to know each other, agree on the terms of cooperation and, most importantly, define the project brief.

Project brief – is a clear and detailed description of the future product with set goals, requerements and limitations. It is indespensable for the project, as it helps us to get alligned and go straight to the desired results.

First we send you a simple brief form. Once you fill it, we can have a quick call to get familiar, discuss the details and see if we are a fit.

Next we send you a quotation and a contract draft. Once those are difined and signed, it’ time move to next step.

  • Brief definition
  • Contract signature

At this stage, we define the overall concept and appearance of the product.

Based on the brief and research, we will present you with 2 to 5 different product concepts, made in the form of detailed sketches or renderings of rough 3D models.

Concepts help us get early feedback from your team, set the direction and key characteristics of the design.

  • Research & Analytics
    • Market trends & competitors
    • Technologies & materials
    • Target audience
    • Context of use
    • etc…
  • Concept Generation
    • Moodboards
    • Sketching
    • Illustration
    • Draft 3d modeling
    • Draft 3d visualization
    • Pre-feasibility
  • Concept Presentation

At this stage we refine and detail selected design concept based on feedback and insights from client’s team and suppliers.

We create advanced visuals & develop design presentation for the client and contractors.

We test design through draft mockups, AR & VR tools.


  • Design development
  • Advanced 3d modeling
  • Advanced 3d visualization
  • Selection of colours, materials & finishings (CMF)
  • Graphics placement
  • Information & files exchange with client & contractors
  • Design presentation

At this stage, we order or produce a scale or full-size mockup to test the design and make sure it looks great and works well.

This stage might be repeated several times in a loop with “Design refinement”, because there are different kinds of prototypes used for different purposes, for example, testing shape, ergomnomics or presenting to investors.

  • Exchange Information & files with contractors
  • Mockup files and documents preparation
  • Mockup guidance & production
  • Mockup analysis

At this final stage we implement corrections learnt from the mockup analysys. We complete the design and define materials, finishes and colours. Once the client and we are happy with the result, we create final design presentation and share final design 3d models, that will be used by your technical team and engineers.

  • Design completion
  • Define CMF definition
  • Final design presentation
  • Final project files delivery

We provide support during the engineering and industrialization of the product by your technical team or contractors.

Generally we don’t create engineering drawings or models for production, but we can control the results of the work done by engineers or manufacturers so that the product matches the approved design as closely as possible.

We can as well provide support with interfaces, graphic & packaging design, photorealistic visualisations, animations for marketing purposes, etc.

  • Photorealistic renders & animations
  • Design control at engineering & production
  • Graphic & brand design
  • UX & UI design
  • etc…


Develop a realistic product design concept using 3D modeling and visualization without getting into technical details and precise dimensions

When you have a great idea for a product, it can be difficult to impress your potential client, partner, or investor, especially if all you have are complicated explanations, rough and abstract sketches, or technical diagrams. It is always better to see how the future product will look and work than to look at formulas and understand long lines of text and formulas. Complicated and unattractive communication can put an end to the future of the project

Getting positive results is much easier with the help of attractive, visual and understandable materials. The “Concept Design” service is ideal for just such cases.

We will study your idea of a future product, develop its three-dimensional design concept, without going into details and technical details.

Next, we will prepare all the necessary materials, such as drawings, illustrations, visualizations, animations, presentations and other materials that you may need to seek funding, patent and further develop the project.


Develop a draft design concept through fine-grained sketches and drawings. Allows you to take the first step in the development of product's design, choose the optimal direction and make early improvements.

Perhaps you have an idea for a product and would like to take the first step towards getting it into shape as quickly as possible…

Or maybe you would like to see various and very creative options for the design of your idea…

Or do you have a great 3D modeler or engineer on your team who can turn a sketch into 3D, but you need a specialist to come up with a variety of creative and eye-catching design concepts through illustrations?

Then the service “Sketch design” may be suitable for you.

We will study your product idea and prepare as many different design concepts as you need in the form of 2D sketches and illustrations.

After that, you can independently convert your favorite sketches into 3D models or expand the task to a conceptual or industrial design.

Design Refinement

Refinement and improvement of an existing design developed by another contractor without making significant changes to the previous work.

Design Refinement is a stage of work on Industrial Design projects. During this stage we make final improvements and corrections to the design of the developed product, however, we noticed that sometimes customers turn to us specifically for this, and therefore we decided to include it in the list of services.

The “Design Refinement” service may be of interest to you if another studio or your team developed the design of the product, but you still have design elements that need to be improved without the opportunity to continue cooperation with the previous contractor or complete the design development with your resources.

Contact us – we will finalize the design without making significant changes to the work done.

To begin with, we will draw up a project brief, which will list the design elements that do not suit you and determine if the scope of tasks is limited only to finalizing the design or you also need color and graphic design, supervision of engineering or something else.

After signing the contract and the brief, we will develop several 2D or 3D proposals for finalizing and improving design elements without significant changes in the work done before us.