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Most of the time the ironing process requires a lot of time and effort from users. It is especially difficult for many to choose the right temperature, so as not to damage the fabric, but at the same time remove all the creases. To meet all the needs with minimal effort, Hotpoint has created a new line of Digital Irons: four irreplaceable satellites that combine a distinctive design with features, performance and technologies that give a unique experience. The line consists of three irons, which are characterized by the presence of digital controls on the handle – Hotpoint SI55 DEW, SG C12 DEW and SG C14 DEW.
The Digi Iron collection is the flagship of the aesthetics and functionality of the brand and is presented in a blue-white color with metalized elements. Elegant and smooth lines complement the impetuous style of appliances, demonstrating the speed and ease of ironing through aesthetics, while the soft handle garantees comfort and grip.

Client:       –

Services:   Design

Year:         2018


Digi Iron Range – Hotpoint

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