The world of mass market lighters is full of absolutely ordinary products with basic shapes, economic materials and cheap feeling.

With this concept , we wanted to chalenge it and create a lighter with which people could create a certain phisical bond. A lighter people would feel is different when look at it, but most important, when touch it. A lighter you don’t only use for lighting a fire, but actually enjoy holding in your hand.

Arco lighter concept was developed for a competition by Ciao Lighters and IED.  It won second prize and was acquired by Ciao Lighters

Arco is extremely recognizable and very pleasant in the hand thanks to its finish and ergonomic shape.
It lies comfortably in the hand, making you want to hold it and play with it.
There are 2 versions of the lighter, one is so called Piezzo and the ogher is Flint.
The first one lights up thanks to a wheel, that you rotate and the other one has a special mechanism that lights up immediately after you push the button.
Even though minimalistic, the Arco lighter is is designed with attention to details. 
For example an important tactile detail is the embossed soft-touch brand logo shaped like fire, which is located so that the user not only sees it, but can also feel it.
Soft lines are used with attention to details, creating a harmonious overal image.
Contrast in color and matte and glossy finishes with a calm main finishing attract attention and do not tire your eyes.
Various color and and finishing combinations can be used.