Hotpoint has created a new line of Digital Irons: irreplaceable satellites that combine a distinctive design with features, performance and technologies that give a unique experience of ironing.

The Digi Iron collection is the flagship of the aesthetics and functionality of the brand and is presented in a blue-white color with metalized elements.

Elegant and smooth lines complement the impetuous style of appliances, demonstrating the speed and ease of ironing through aesthetics, while the soft handle garantees comfort and grip.

The initial concept was developed by the legendary design studio “Makio Hasuike & Co”, then the project was transferred to me and the design manager overseeing the project.
We worked on the project till it was peoduced and started selling in Europe and Russia.


Take as a basis the concept of the range of irons from the leading Italian studio, work out its design and bring the products to mass production.

Initial concept design files:

Onboarding & Research

Get information about the project status, analyze relevant materials and problematics.

Internal components and electronics do not fit into the dimensions of the concept design. An iron and a steam generator differ significantly from each other.
Some design solutions are unsuitable for industrial production. The design needs to be enriched with details.

Conduct market research online and in electronic stores, explore trend and bestsellers of the ironing area. Understand the difference between irons and steamers.

CAD Development

Develop new 3D models, improve their proportions taking into account ergonomics and internal components, modify and refine concepts until they can be called fully-designed products

Define the position of all infographics and logos on irons. Develop the design of several icons that describe specific functions of irons.


Work on product interfaces, create the missing icons, optimize the graphic composition.


Prepare files and materials for prototypists, supervise mockup development. Analyze the results and make corrections to the design.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Go through multimple iterations of engineering development reviews in collaboration with chinese manufacturer in order to achieve high-quality products.

Comparison between the first engineering 3d model and the final one:

Engineers struggle with complex surfaces covered with 3-dimensional Hotspot brand pattern. We develop them and pass to the factory for integrating into manufacturing CAD models.


As a result, all the industrial design objectives have been solved, up to the released series.
The surfaces are adapted to accommodate internal components and electronics without aesthetic and ergonomic losses.

The design is worked out in all details, including the placement of graphics and the development of some icons.
Photorealistic visualizations for packaging and marketplaces are created and widely used.

Stylistic unity between the iron and the steamer is achieved, even their overal and detailed dimensions are completely different and there is not even one repeated surface.

Design solutions are improved and adapted for production.
The production of mockups, engineering and manufacturing are supervidsed with a great outcome


Designers                       Makio Hasuike & Co / Rodion Usaev
Design director              Giuseppe Netti
Design managers           Filippo Matarazzi & Patrizio Cionfoli
Technical Leader            Melania Cannuccia
Marketing Leaders         Valentina Monaci / Anna Semenova
Project Leader                Marcello Riderelli Belli​​​​​​​
Photographs & Video     The Marketing Project
Renderings                      Rodion Usaev