In 2020, Togoboat approached me with the task of developing a new conceptual design for inflatable catamarans.
And in 2021, we created the E-boat model – a project that represents a new level of freedom in terms of operation.

We were able not only to implement the design, but also to develop a number of successful solutions that open up additional opportunities:

For comfortable swimming, we have created mobile benches that can be used as a table or a deep bench. Thanks to it , you can sit comfortably or lie down in the fresh air, hanging your legs over the water.

Hustle free transportation of the catamaran is provided with the help of a luggage bag developed by us.

And for the accessories, we made an additional waterproof backpack bag, which is easily attached to the luggage and securely fixed under the bench, which significantly saves space significantly.

You can put in it not only all the accessories of a catamaran, but also everything you need to have a picnic on the water.

So we have set a new level of catamarans, which, instead of one need, covers at least 3 more – comfort, ease of use and safety.

You don’t have to buy an E-boat. The company rents out catamarans as well, so everyone can try them in action.

Our joint bright project lives and pleases modern and active people, while Togoboat team shares their Togo moments on their web-site and social networks.

You can see the lifestyle of E-boat on Instagram, but be careful! This is a real temptation for people with an active lifestyle and everyone who wants to be closer to the ocean!

The implementation of the project with Togoboat was a pleasant experience and served as the beginning of further cooperation, which continues to this day.