Industrial design project that Rodion Usaev worked on with the excellent designer Massimo Battaglia at Studio Volpi in 2019 has finally come to the market.

It became the company’s headliner and was beautifully presented in the style of top high-tech companies, which is unusual for industrial equipment manufacturers. Apparently, this means that Rollon, one of the best manufacturers of linear guides and actuators in Italy and the world, has something to be proud of!

For our part, we will say that despite the fact that the produced result, faced with the economy, has become a little more modest than in our creative concepts, it looks great and causes gratitude and pride. Not so often there are manufacturers who seek to ennoble products that are used in purely utilitarian conditions of factories and industrial factories.

We invite you to visit the product pages and evaluate the products and how well they are presented by the company:

Compact Rail & Compact Rail Plus
Actuator Plus System