E-sup is another design project for the Togoboat startup, the launch of which will very soon open up the opportunity for fans of sup-boards to experience a more comfortable, fast and fun swimming!

The E-sup is an inflatable board with a built-in silent electric motor, which makes it easy to move through the water without unnecessary effort.

To develop the design of the E-sup, a thorough study of the shapes and details of the construction of kinds of sup-boards was required.
As a result, a universal form of sup-boards was chosen and elaborated, which is suitable both for smooth movement on the water and for driving at high speed.

The motor itself has few interesting and useful features.

It can be easily disconnected from the board and left to charge on the shore.
Thanks to this, you can easily continue your vacation on the water, while your device is gaining energy for the next use.
More than that, it can also be used as a charger or a convenient case for storing small, but important things.

A controller of the motor performance is mounted on the paddle, which allows you to adjust the speed of movement, increasing or decreasing it, up to its complete stop.

However, then you will need your own strength for further movement.

An equally important stage of the project was the development of the look and graphics.

Starting with the colors choice, ending with the logo placement, lines, graphic and functional details, a bright and impressive look was created. Look that fits into the Togoboat aesthetics and at the same time feels unique.

The project is currently at the prototyping stage and will soon move to the crowdfunding. All stages of development and other unique features of E-sup can be viewed on the Togoboat website.