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Realized Industrial Design Project: Rollon Plus Series Guides and Actuators

Industrial design project that Rodion Usaev worked on with the excellent designer Massimo Battaglia at Studio Volpi in 2019 has finally come to the market. It became the company’s headliner and was beautifully presented in the style of top high-tech companies, which is unusual for industrial…

Britanka small-talk. Industrial design

In this issue of Britanka small-talks, Rodion spoke about the areas of responsibility and basic competencies of industrial designers, about the areas in which they work and what technologies help them “stand on the shoulders of giants” and make people’s lives more convenient.

Podcast “Designer with a Microphone”

Rodion Usaev visited the podcast of Viktor Klimenko and the Siberian Design Center – “Designer with a Microphone”. We talked about radical design, experience as an industrial designer in Italy, work in startups, design consulting and design development in Russia. The conversation…


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